Tchanko 'Freaky Beat'

Dj and producer Tchanko from São Paulo is influenced by the great names of the electronic scene as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Hardwell, among others. Currently, his predominant style is the Progressive House, passing by refined genres like EDM, Big Room and Electro House. After a few years working in the field of DJing, Dj Tchanko lives in the Paulista capital, where he officiates and develops his sets and his exclusive productions. 

TMR18001 © TAMARIS Records

MoveBass 'Bring That Bass'

'Bring That Bass' is an original track mixing both urban and tech house styles. 
We were so lucky to once have MoveBass on our label, and this is a re-release of one of his very first tracks. 

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TMR14001 © TAMARIS Records


DJ Art 'Silencer' EP

DJ Art's second release on Tamaris Records is a smooth minimal tech house track mixing vintage synths sounds on a deep bass drum tempo. This new EP includes the performer's original live session, as well as Phil Steff's radio edit.

Tracklist : 

1 - Silencer (radio edit) 3:42 
2 - Silencer (original live session) 9:31 

Now on Juno Download and on Clone Digital

Keyboards, drum programming, composed and mixed by DJ Art.
Radio edit by Phil Steff.

Artwork : nonmisvegliate / Graphics : Phil Steff

TMR200002 © TAMARIS Records

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Phil Steff - Exit Remixes

Phil Steff’s ‘Exit (Rainbow Mix)’ was especially created for the 'Rainbow Selection 1’ compilation.
This remix is available again, along with a radio edit version : 

Tracklist :

1 - Exit (Rainbow mix) 6:58
2 - Exit (Rainbow edit) 3:08

Keyboards, drum programming, composed, arranged and mixed by : Phil Steff

Now on Juno Download and on Clone Digital

Artwork : Roleen

TMR02002 © TAMARIS Records

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ZaBong 'Colorful Textures'

ZaBong (Karsten Konrad) delivers us ten brand new tracks, entirely made on a groovebox, achieving a very special third album on which the rhythm is always highlighted. 'Colorful Textures' ranges from minimal tech house to ambient structures : The logical consequence of its predecessor. 

Tracklist : 

01 In The Beginning 
02 It's Complicated 
03 Just One Machine 
04 Intense Planning 
05 Colorful Textures 
06 Just Some Chords 
07 Atmos IV 
08 Black Box 
09 Blast From The Past 
10 Straight As An Arrow 

All tracks composed, arranged and performed by ZaBong. 

Now on Juno Download and on Clone Digital

Photo : Michael Gaida / Graphics : Phil Steff

TMR09006 © TAMARIS Records 

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Dub Astronaut


Bobz on Mars 'Camp Fire Remixes' EP

Bobz on Mars is a duet of young French singers and songwriters. 'Camp Fire' is a fresh melody on a downtempo rhythm, a song about summer memories. Remixed by Phil Steff, their first EP on Tamaris Records includes short and extended versions. 

Tracklist : 

1 - Camp Fire (Emotions Mix) 3:33
2 - Camp Fire (Emotions extended) 6:00

Bobz on Mars are : 
Romy : Words and music, lead and backing vocals, piano, keyboards 
& Angèle : Lead and backing vocals, keyboards.

Arrangements, keyboards, guitar and recording : Luuka

Remix, additionnal rhythm loops and keys : Phil Steff

Now on Juno Download and on Clone Digital

Artwork : Bobz on Mars

TMR 21001 © TAMARIS Records


mikebo 'Tranceporter (Phil Steff Remix)' EP

Following "I'm No Robot", mikebo and Phil Steff continue their friendly collaboration on their latest remix EP : mikebo starts a new project, exploring the ways of mixing the sounds of his electronic music heroes with the actual trance rhythms. Focussing on the structure of this originally live recorded track, Phil Steff gives here his interpretation of "Tranceporter", adding his own feeling and percussion sounds. 

Tracklist : 

1 - Tranceporter (Phil Steff Remix) 7:30 
2 - Tranceporter (Phil Steff Remix - Radio Edit) 3:44 

Now on Juno Download and Clone Digital

Artwork : mikebo / Graphics : Phil Steff

TMR11002 © TAMARIS Records

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"I'm No Robot (Phil Steff Remix)"